Commercial Pest Control: Bringing Comprehensive Protection All Industries

Commercial pest control is a comprehensive subject. It involves many different industries and must address many different pests in a variety of different settings. FullScope Pest Control takes commercial pest control seriously and can keep you up to date on all of the state and federal regulations that govern your specific type of facility. The diversity of pest populations can easily overwhelm anyone who is not familiar with managing pests on the commercial level.

Not only is the type of facility an important consideration, but also the type of activity that occurs in that particular area is important to consider as well. Commercial pest control is equal parts prevention and curative measures. We service all types of commercial facilities including:

  • Restaurants
  • Food and Beverage Processing plants.
  • Hospitality businesses
  • Schools
  • Governmental buildings
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Food Service industries
  • Office buildings
  • Multi-family housing units
  • Dry cleaners and Laundromats
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • And more.

Each of those industries presents a unique environment and we take our approach to commercial pest control individually, we are not a one plan fits all type of business.

Flies, Roaches, rodents and bed bugs are some of the most common commercial pests within the hospitality industry. Ants and head lice may be the most common pests to invade schools. Rodents and ants are going to be found wherever there is food, such as in the Food Service industry or in the lunch rooms in office buildings.

The pests themselves are different and require an in-depth knowledge of their behavior and habitats. There is quite a bit of difference in how you deal with an ant infestation as opposed to a rodent population. FullScope Pest Control makes it their priority to understand the most effective ways of eradicating pests from the commercial setting. Certain chemicals have been designed to work with certain pest problems. By being intimately familiar with the pest control industry and chemicals we can offer a more comprehensive approach.

Commercial pest control is a broad spectrum industry that covers many other industries such as the hospitality industry or the food and beverage processing industry. Because of the differences between each industry type, commercial pest control must be adaptive to meet the needs of each client.

Considerations include:

  • The type of industry
  • The type of pest or pests
  • Regulations about chemical use within the industry
  • The time frame and duration of the current infestation and potential for future infestations

Let us show you why we can make a difference in your commercial facility. It is time to start having a professional service your commercial facility and let FullScope Pest Control show you the difference we can make!


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