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Bed Bug Exterminator Company

Bed Bugs

Fullscope helps you sleep tight, with our proven effective bed bug treatment.

No other company is as effective.

Termite Exterminator


Termites are just part of our lives in Houston, Texas. Find out how to keep your home protected.

Ant Exterminator


No matter where you have an ant problem or what type of ant, FullScope has the experts that will eliminatethem for good.

Interior Pest Control

We don’t just offer pest control—we offer pest prevention. We understand the natural habits of pests. That knowledge gives us the ability to prevent future pest problems instead of just controlling the invasion. 

Pests are annoying. Let us take the problem off your hands and deal with the uncomfortable situation. Keep yourself healthy and happy by eliminating pests from the get-go. 

We don’t take the cookie-cutter approach to your pest control

Exterior Pest Control

We control the harborage areas, entry points, and breeding sites for pests. We also look for evidence that a pest is targeting your home to stop it in its tracks. Our professionals know how to get the job done right the first time

So when you are searching for pest exterminator near you, check us out and see why we are considered the premier pest providers in your area. Over 3,000 satisfied clients, in only 2 years.

Award Winning Service

We have over 33 years of protecting homes from pest and it shows.  Our amazing attention to detail, and pest knowledge have help launch FullScope to the TOP Rated pest control company.

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Ever had a bug fly across the room? Ever found an ant in your cereal bowl? If you live anywhere near North Houston, these pests are probably becoming part of daily life. Luckily for us, residential Pest Solutions – FullScope Pest Control is here to help! We will control all kinds of bugs and rodents that try their best to make themselves at home with our family- from bedbugs to ants or raccoons; no pest is too big or small for them as they tackle any problem head on. And if we can’t solve it ourselves then rest assured knowing that even though other companies might be cheaper than ours, there’s not one out there who cares about your most important investments like we do: Your family and home