Rodents can cause serious damage of all types of structures, but luckily with a little preparation work you can rodent proof your home this winter and prevent those rats, mice and animals from invading.

Rodents inside you attics and walls, can cause damage to insulation, electrical wiring, plumbing and other structural pieces of a building.  Not to mention the smell of urine and feces that can accompany their residence. Rodents also serve as vectors to a variety of diseases.

Keeping them out of the structure is always better than trying to eliminate them after they have entered.

Here are 5 Easy to Follow Steps to Rodent Proof Your House:

  1. Do a perimeter inspection and check for any cracks, crevices, entry points.
    1. Plumbing and Electrical penetrations
    2. Opening or damaging in siding
  2. Repair any siding issues, plug up entry with Copper Mesh and Foam
  3. Remove harborage or shelter from close to the structure
  4. Remove low hanging limbs that give rodents access to the roof 
  5. Look for opening greater than ¼”

Follow these easy steps this fall to winter proof your home from Rodents, and keep unwanted guests out in any neighborhood.

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