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Are you dealing with our being bitten by Bed bugs in Kingwood, Humble, New Caney, Porter, Atascocita, Cleveland, Splendora, Tarkington, Cold Springs, Livingston and Conroe Texas?

If you are, you need to get Bed Bug Extermination immediately! These pesky critters should be prevented by every means because once they infest a space, adequate control is tasking but should be done in case bed bugs are already infesting your space, there are things you need to do to effectively exterminate them.

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bedbug hotel infographic 053117 1 1

If you suspect a bed bug infestation in your home, the first step is to inspect and identify any possible sources of these bugs. This includes checking for blood stains on sheets or mattress seams as well as fecal spots on linens near the bed. Other potential signs are rust-colored staining near electrical outlets, dressers, couches, or other furniture.


Bed bugs leave behind their fecal material and also shed skin as they grow bigger, so if you find dark spots that look like mud on the floor these could be signs of bed bug droppings. You can use a flashlight to inspect your mattress for any blood stains which may indicate an infestation but this does not guarantee that there is one.

You may also want to inspect your bed frame and headboard for any cracks where these pests could hide, as well as the mattress or box spring. Inspecting other surfaces in your bedroom such as dressers, nightstands, chairs, curtains and furniture can help identify potential sources of an infestation so be thorough.

How To Remove Bed Bugs From Your Couch


Next, you should do a quick cleaning of the area to remove any bed bug eggs or larva that may be lingering in your room. This is not enough however and it's important to take additional measures when dealing with this problem so don't stop there! You'll want to inspect of anything that can potentially act as a harborage source for bed bugs such as old clothes, shoes and books. This can help prevent the infestation from getting worse so make sure you take this step!

Use a vacuum cleaner to suck up any eggs or larva that are in your mattress or box spring before they hatch into adults. Vacuum all surfaces of your room including carpets

We us state of the art products, including steam to eliminate bed bugs completely from your home or business. Bed bug treatment technology has evolved a lot in the past few years and we are proud to offer this service.

We use the latest equipment, products, and techniques for bed bug extermination services that will effectively rid your home or business of these pests without them coming back! Whether you're dealing with an individual infestation or have more serious issues involving multiple rooms or floors.

What do Bed Bugs Look Like


Call the Experts for Bed Bug Extermination Services in Kingwood, Humble, New Caney, Porter, Atascocita, Cleveland, Coldspring, Livingston, Tarkington and the surrounding Houston TX area!


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One common tree disease that Texas homeowners deal with, specifically for oak trees, is Oak wilt. If you live in New Caney, and have oak trees, you're probably familiar with this fungal tree disease.  

Oak wilt is a serious ornamental tree disease that can be rapidly fatal for trees in the Red oak group (those oaks with pointed leaf edges). White oak tree species (with rounded leaf margins) may also be affected, but not nearly as rapidly as Red oaks. 

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How to Help Control Anthracnose on Your Kingwood Maple Trees

Anthracnose (caused by the Gloeosporium apocryptum fungus and other closely related fungi) is a rainy season tree disease that can be serious for all kinds of plants, notably Silver maples and Japanese maple trees.   It causes irregular, light to reddish- and purplish-brown deadened areas on your Kingwood, TX plants' and trees' leaves. 

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One fungal tree disease that can be difficult to diagnose is known as Botryodiplodia Canker (Botryodiplodia theobromae). It is often considered a weak parasite with a wide tree host range. In Texas, including in Cleveland, TX, it is well known to cause a rapid death of sycamore trees. 

This fungal infection can cause "cankers" on a tree's branches and main trunk. High temperatures and stressful drought conditions create an ideal environment for Botryodiplodia Canker to thrive. 

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