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What is wildlife exclusion?

Wildlife Exclusion is the practice of prevention, this may include multiple techniques, including sealing up entry points and habitat modification.

Habitat changes would include limiting food and water sources, or reducing harborage or shelter areas.

Not all wildlife should be treated equal, so it is important to rely on a local wildlife expert with industry expertise.  

Everything is Bigger in Texas

Steps would be taken to find the point of entry and determine the best, most effective removal methods and then the proper exclusion.

Wildlife experts will know the place to look and the questions to ask homeowners to determine best wildlife removal and exclusion methods.

Squirrel Control Texas
Squirrel Gnaw Marks

Whether you have rats, or bats,  in the attic or crawl space, calling on a professional in the wildlife industry is your best option.  Simple steps can prevent extensive damage, cost and even health risk. Exclusion treatments help prevent animal entry, so you do not have to deal with these issues down the road.

Call FullScope Pest Control for your Local Wildlife Proofing and Exclusion needs.

Fastest response time, easy quotes and professional, knowledgeable team.

How much does it cost to remove animals from attic?

Wildlife removal from an attic can has different levels of cost, starting somewhere around $150.00 up to $450.00 depending on the severity and difficulty of the trapping.  The best option is to call for an estimate of quote, simply call or request quote and the technician will be able to listen to your specific situation and give you a rough number on the cost.

Raccoon Home Invader
Common Texas Home Invader

Because wildlife control is a more specialized type of pest control service and requires a deeper knowledge of the behavior of the wildlife, such as squirrels, rats and racoons, if will cost a little more.  

Trapping on the exterior of a home or garage is easier than having to trap animals that have taken up residence inside your attic or crawl space.  You want a company that is professional and responsive to your needs. Quick response time is also important when you are looking for service provider in your area for wildlife control.

But in the end doing nothing will cost you more than the actual wildlife removal service.   Because of the possible damage to electrical wiring, insulation and also health risk, waiting should not be an option.

We would always recommend after the wild life animal is removed that we provide some exclusion work to prevent this from happening again.  Prevention is always the best policy.

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How much does it cost to remove a squirrel?

When you figure out you have a squirrel in your attic or crawl space, you might be thinking about how much it will cost for someone to remove the squirrel.  Good questions, most of the time you should expect anywhere from $225.00 to possibly upwards of $600.00. The cost depends on the severity of the squirrel infestation and also the type of structure.  

Wildlife Exclusion Kingwood
Home Exclusion Techniques in Texas

Most professional pest control companies that are licensed and bonded, will also provide wildlife exclusion to prevent any re-entry of the home of business.  This includes sealing up the openings, suggestions on structural repairs and recommendations of vegetation removal.

Cost will also be determine by the expected number of return visits and the cleanup process needed to sanitize the infected area from animal feces and nesting materials.

You will want someone who is knowledgeable, professional and respectful of your time.  The easiest way to get a more accurate cost on squirrel remove is to contact the service provider and speak directly with a professional pest expert, then can give you an estimate over the phone.  Having all the facts and information, will help the wildlife expert proceed with the most effective animal trapping method.

You can call us today for an estimate or quickly fill out the service quote at the top of the page.

What is wildlife control?

Wildlife control is basically the baiting, trapping and exclusion methods to keep unwanted guest out of your home or building.  Certain seasons a home becomes the target of wildlife, whether they are looking for shelter from colder temperatures or a place to start their family.  Rats, mice, squirrels, racoons, opossums can wreck you attic and crawl spaces and even cause health issues.

How to kill rats
How to Control and Eliminate Rats and Mice

Rodents and other animals are very skilled in gaining accesses to our homes and garages. With an endless array of food sources in neighborhoods, whether it is pet food, bird food, or stored items, we give them every reason to stick around.

Suburban life also lends quite well to these invading animals.

Checkout Wildlife Exclusion

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It is that time of year in Texas when we walk outside our homes and are attached by the unwanted blood sucking mosquitoes. We are in the middle of February, but with this cool winter we are already getting calls to come an fog back yards and properties for mosquitoes.

So are you maybe putting out the welcome mat for mosquitoes?

It is time to do a quick inspection of areas that might be inviting some breeding to occur.

One statistic to remember is that a mosquito only requires about 1/2 inch of water to breed.

Take a look at the infographic below for some main areas of concern.

Mosquito Breeding Grounds
Texas Mosquito Breeding Grounds

10 Common Area's to Check for Mosquito Breeding Areas in Texas

Give FullScope a call to schedule a mosquito barrier treatment, you will not regret taking advantage of the professional mosquito control knowledge. We have the equipment and right combination of products to take the mosquito population down, prevent breeding and help you stay safe and enjoy your backyard this coming spring and summer.

Call Today to speak with a representative and schedule your mosquito elimination. 832-898-0190

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Bed Bugs vs. Fleas

Both Bed Bugs and fleas are known for being quite the nuisance in our homes. But if we know how to handle them correctly, the nuisance will be gone and we can finally deal with it the right way.

That being said, finding the best way to differentiate the two and also figure out how they are different will actually come in handy. With that in mind, there are some things that you need to take into account when it comes to these parasites in your home.

Flea Control Kiingwood
Looking for flea control options for your home or office.

Bed Bugs and fleas are similar in many ways. They reproduce and also feed on animal or human blood. That means they can easily carry diseases from animals to people or other animals too.

It can be very hard to figure out how to deal with a problem like this, so finding the right approach can indeed pay off a lot. These pests use their very small size as an advantage.

And that’s why you will find fleas and bed bugs in various places within your home. But they will infest different areas and hide in different spots.  Knowing where to look and some simple signs will help you determine exactly what you have biting you.

How can these infestations appear?

Both Bed Bugs and fleas reproduce very fast. They end up being very problematic to deal with, especially if you don’t eradicate them as soon as possible.

Things can be very challenging and that’s why you need to find a good, reliable way to approach all of this adequately. If anything, the best thing that you can do is to see what causes Bed Bugs and fleas to appear. And you also need to identify the potential differences between the two.

Bed Bug Bites

Bed bugs are usually introduced to a home or apartment, could have been brought in with a backpack or a visiting guest.  Fleas can be introduced into a home from a pet, or maybe even a rodent.


What you have to realize about these pests is that they are quite different at least when it comes to their looks. They are reddish brown in regards to their color and you can see them with the naked eye, so they are pretty large to begin with.

How to Get Rid of bed bugs

However, there are some differences to consider too. The bed bugs are oval and flat, but the fleas are long and narrow. They do appear to have a flattened body from the top to bottom though.

And that’s where some of the confusion comes into play. But that’s all there is to it most of the time. The most important factor when it comes to Bed Bugs is that they are oval, and it’s a lot easier to identify them.

However, you can expect situations when you just can’t distinguish the two just because they are so similar to one another.


Flea Control in Kingwood

This is yet another similar thing that you need to take into consideration. Both of them seek mammals as hosts, that’s because they feed on blood. However, fleas will feed on dogs and cats most of the time.

You might see them on humans at times, but that’s extremely rare to be honest. Bed bugs are, however, mostly seeking human hosts. And that’s why a lot of people dislike them, mainly because they end up bringing in major irritations and can be very difficult to eliminate.

Just because you see some bites on your pet or yourself is not exactly a sufficient method to help you identify any bed bugs or fleas. Even the biting appearance might not be able to give you enough information.

In fact, the Bed Bug and flea bites can look very similar or even identical. Which is why it’s can be difficult for a homeowner to know exactly what pest they have.


Bed Bugs are unable to jump or fly. They just crawl slowly and that’s it. Which makes it a lot easier for you to deal with them. Fleas on the other hand are known for leaping very long distances and that makes them a lot harder to catch.   

Old trick of wearing white socks and rubbing your feet around on the floors to see if you have something black jump on your socks. This will not work for bed bugs, they do not travel very far and stay close to the blood host.

How can you eliminate fleas and Bed Bugs from your home?

The best thing that you can do is to contact a specialist. Pest Professionals will know how to identify the infestation and what causes it. And once that happens, they will also find the right way to remove these pests as fast as possible.

But there are things that will help make any pest control treatment more effective.  Try to declutter rooms and remove excessive items off the floors. This will help make flea control easier and more effective.  

If the problem is fleas and you have pets then you will want to make sure to have your pet treated, most pest professional will offer a spray or flea collar for purchase.

Which is why we encourage you to work closely with a professional. He will know how to handle the process and how to make sure that there are no problems. It will bring in amazing results and the experience can indeed be among some of the best once you get rid of them.

We encourage you to avoid rushing into eliminating these pests. It’s a good idea to have a plan, and that’s why working with a professional does make a lot of sense. You will have a peace of mind while also eliminating these pests the right way!

Call today for a free inspection or diagnosis of your bed bug or flea problem. The FullScope Experts are ready to assist you in any way that we can, call 832-898-0190

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  Control Bees and Wasp

Although bees and wasp provide our ecosystem with tons of the benefits and are essential for the food chain to keep going and remaining steady.

But that does not mean we are OK with them living inside our attics or wall voids.  

But there are some unaccounted terrors associated with bees and wasp and how they affect the residential areas and horticulture spots near human beings.


If you are allergic to wasp or bee sting, then you shouldn't be anywhere near them. Since you have your residency in such area where these species also co-exist then it is going to be the other way around.

Bees and more certainly wasp can leave their signs of anger over your body which may burn or cause itching. While to some people whose blood is sensitive to these types of stings, many other complications may arise.


You don't want to feel the unnecessary pain and burning rushing through your blood that is why you should try the following advises if found in this particular situation;

  • Avoid the use of scented perfumes, body sprays and other perfumes
  • Cover your body correctly when outdoors
  • Avoid using bright coloured clothes which may otherwise look like blossom flower to these vicious pests
  • Carefully examine wasp or bee nests before settling over a place
  • Learn more about the habitats of these species

Best Course of action

While the above guidelines as the measures to protect yourself might sound overwhelming and in a sense to completely change your lifestyle, there is one more way around this.  But if you find yourself having to deal with bees or wasps in a wall void, then you want to call a professional.

You can call in support of professional exterminator to have control over the extended population of these bees and wasp in your area. Not only a professional exterminator can help you take care of bees or wasps around your residential area, but offer removal services and exclusion and prevention.

Formal Habitat

There are various places of interests for both of them and can be found in a large variety spread here and there, but the following places register as the favourite habitat of the bees and wasp;

  • Natural sites
  • Orchards/gardens/fields
  • Playgrounds
  • Cemeteries
  • Urban and Suburban setting

As stated at the end that even residential area is not safe from the swarm of bees and wasps, that is why you should have proper arrangements already in position for adequate removal of these.

Our Services

We provide bees and wasps control and removal for the surrounding areas of Houston, Texas and providing the highest quality of  pest control services. Not only do we have the most professional and experienced staff but also offer the highest quality of pest control products. So., if you are located in North Houston Area, such as Kingwood, Atasacita, Humble, Porter, New Caney, call FullScope Pest Control. The Experts with over 30 years experience.

Our technicians are polite and extensively know what they are dealing with, we formulate efficient plans to tackle the situation and provide you with the best plausible results. Following is a brief intervention of how we tackle the bees and wasp control;

  • Inspection
  • Protection/Control
  • Removal
  • Exclusion


Once you have called our company, we will readily dispatch our team of professional agents. They will investigate every corner of your residential surrounding, botanical area, garden and if need be the interior of your house as well. The basic purpose is to track the origin or nests of these bees and wasps and then develop an astounding strategy against them.


Pollinator safe

When our team of professionals have found the threat (Source of bees and wasps), we move onto the next step of the procedure. Our exterminators will have a solid chemical plan using various insecticides and pesticides to reduce the number of bees and wasps and specially to eliminate their origin or nests.

Don't worry these chemicals are mixed up with stabilizers and likewise, very minute proportions are used which do not pose any threat to the residents or the living plants in your garden.

Monitoring the situation

After implementing the control on bee or wasps, we can offer exclusion recommendations. This will include covering certain open areas and providing efficient strategy against the sensitive areas. We will be keeping tabs to make sure that these insects are not again swarming back to your house and interfering with your everyday life.

We will only leave once you are satisfied with our service, not before and definitely don't after. For additional security, we will also install the pest monitors and sensors in your bedroom, kitchen and basement.


Our experts will also guide you through different recommendations and strategies to keep these pests out and your surroundings clean and environment-friendly.  We provide professional reporting information after completion of our services.

Fullscope Truck kingwood
Derek Knows How to Find Them

Why us

Unlike other pest control organisations, we only charge for the services which we have actually provided to the customer and because we are also cost-effective with the best infrastructure and team of professionals to service the north Houston, Texas area.

Call today for your free Bee and Wasps evaluation from FullScope Pest Control Services. Call Today 832-898-0190

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Extreme weather will cause pest pressure to peak this fall and winter! Not a good sign for all of us in North Houston, Texas area. Looks like the crystal ball is predicting still rodents and mosquitoes, shocking!

Wish we had better news but the facts are that we live in a place that is great weather for 8 months out of the year. Unfortunately, with the mild winter, and tropical seasons we have the greatest pest pressure.

Flooding has not help our rodent and animal populations and calls have steadily increased this year. 95% of every home in Kingwood, TX that has been inspected this last 2 months has had a rodent or animal entry and resident.

Successful trapping and exclusion is the only option, and may seem a little expensive but not taking care of the problem will end up costing 10x more in the end.

We have some great post on exclusion for your home and business.

Checkout Our Rodent and Wildlife Page for more information. If you are located in Kingwood, Atascocita, New Caney, Porter, Humble, Splendora or Cleveland, TX we can take care of those winter pest.

Call the experts at FullScope Pest Control 832-898-0190

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