Carpenter Ant control

How to Get Rid of Carpenter Ants

Need to Get Rid of Carpenter Ants?

Ants, as a family of insects, are amazingly diverse and highly adaptive. Entomologists believe that 50,000 years ago, ants were the first farmers. Leafcutter ants use cut-outs from leaves to grow a very special fungus, which they eat. Most homeowners are not bothered by leaf-cutter ants; they are bothered by carpenter ants. A misnomer about carpenter ants is that they do not eat wood. They are carnivores and are often drawn to homes because of pet food or an area that has a constant moisture issue, making excavation easy. How do you get rid of carpenter ants? There are a couple of options that are perfect and work specifically for carpenter ants.


Professional Pest Control Sprays and Carpenter Ant Baits

Contact insecticides work with carpenter ants, but they do not always solve your ant problem. If you want to get rid of ants at their source, an easy weapon is to use bait. Ants are highly social insects. They are very communal, and they have very specific roles that they play in their colonies. Foragers, which are the ants you see around your pets food dishes, have the sole task of hunting for and bringing food back to the nest. That is why bait works well on ants. They helpfully pick up the bait and return it to the nest where it begins to poison the ants at their source.

Sprays work well to keep foraging ants out of your house. If you consider how ants work, then you should know that a multi-step approach works best.

  • Bait works to get rid of ants that you currently have.
  • Spray insecticides and granules work to keep foraging ants at bay.

The thing to consider is that once the forager ant discovers a food source, they alert all of their sisters to its location so that all of the ants can come and collect the food. Spray, granules, and gel help stop the messenger from giving that message. Without a message, the hoard does not show up at your home.

A good kit, such as the Carpenter Ant Control Kit with Termidor contains advanced bait, gel, and spray, which together offer homeowners complete protection from ants. Continual usage of these products helps deter ants from returning. Products such as Termidor SC are non-repelling insecticides, and this means that the ants cannot sense that you have applied a chemical so they will continue to move around as if there was nothing there and the chemicals fipronil is shared with the entire colony for total elimination.

If your home seems to be attracting carpenter ants, FullScope has ways to help you win the battle for your home. For other types of ant problems, or if you are not sure which type of ant is invading your home, our staff is willing to help. Generalized products can work too, but understanding how the ant behaves is a key to controlling them successfully.

We have the knowledge and expertise to assist you in controlling and eliminating your carpenter ant problems, call us today for a free estimate.