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Common Rodent Pests in Southeast Texas

Rodents are mammals, and can be severe nuisance pests for homeowners. As if we didn’t have enough to worry about with insect pests! There are some rodents common in Texas, that do what they can to get into homes in order to find shelter, food, and water, especially as cooler weather begins approaching in the fall.  

Are You Hearing Scratching Noises at Night?

If you are noticing scratching sounds around your house, you may well have a rodent problem on your hands. Maybe in a nearby wall void or floor void, or maybe in your garage or crawl space. 

As rodents forage around for food and water, they can cause damage to your home and yard, chewing on electrical wires, woodwork, fabrics, furniture, and containers with stored food in your pantry or other storage area. Moles or gophers can tear up your beautiful lawn digging up mounds as they burrow underneath it. Raccoons and squirrels can get into your trash and spread it all over your lawn and garage.

Rodents are known to burrow around in filthy environments, spreading bacteria and leaving droppings and urine wherever they wander. The worst thing about rodents is that they are carriers of several diseases, including some that are potentially fatal to humans. They also are a draw for other pests you don’t want in your home or yard (e.g., fleas and ticks). Fleas and ticks will start feeding on humans, even in the absence of dogs or cats. Without a food source, you and your family are fair game. 

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You can implement some measures to make your home and yard less attractive to rodents, but if you have a serious infestation, you might need to call a pest control professional. Before doing that, you’ll want to do the best you can to identify exactly what kind of rodent or other pest you’re dealing with.

Common Rodents in Southeast Texas

While there are several common rodents that homeowners deal with in Southeast Texas, many of them are problems mainly out in the yard. Some of them, however, like rats and mice, in particular, will try to get into your home.

Norway Rats

Adult Norway rats feature heavy, pudgy bodies, as well as typically brown or grey fur, with lighter-colored bellies. These rats, also known as Sewer rats or Street rats, can grow to be as much as 9 1/2 inches long (15 – 17 inches long, with their long, thin tails). 

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Roof Rats

Adult Roof rats are notorious for making their homes in attics and in areas that are higher up in a structure. They are darker brown to black in color, with more visible greyish highlights in their fur. Roof rats (also known as Black rats) have a much more slender build than Norway rats, and can grow to be about 8 inches in length (16 inches total with their tails). 

Other common yard / house rodent pests that homeowners in Southeast Texas often deal with include: 


House mice

Bats, who are mammals, but not rodents, can also give homeowners headaches when they start causing damage, though they are a great, natural way to cut down on the amounts of flying insects on your property.  

Rodent Exclusion

Are rodents giving you and your family fits? Rodents can be difficult to remove once they get a foothold in your home, and they are prolific reproducers. There are things you can do to help keep your home and yard rodent-free. But if you are finding yourself spending too much time chasing after rodent and other pest problems, that’s less time you can enjoy family time and time with friends. Save yourself time, stress, and money by calling our Texas pest control experts today at 832-898-0190 for a consultation. You can also email us at info@fullscopepestcontrol.com. We can help you manage your rodent and other pest problems at home and in your yard, and then we can show you what you can do to help prevent future problems. Don’t miss out on family time this weekend! 


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