Why You Need A Mosquito Misting System In Texas

Eliminate The Mosquitoes In Your Yard With Our Mosquito Fogger

Texas has some of the most beautiful weather in the United States. Between the many beaches, sunlight, and warm temperature, Texas definitely won out in the temperate lottery. However, if you want to enjoy your outdoors, the pests in your yard may prevent you from leaving your home at all. Mosquitos bite and leave unsightly, itchy marks on your body. The worst part is that they inject a numbing agent just as they bite, so you don’t even realize you’ve been bitten until it’s too late and you’ve got a nasty bite (or five) on your arms and legs.

What’s the point of having a yard at all if you can’t enjoy it? However, there is a solution to this pressing problem. FullScope Pest Control now installs mosquito misting systems and mosquito foggers that will leave mosquitos begging for mercy. The system works is preprogrammed to spray your yard for two to three minutes each evening when mosquitos are most active. Once it’s done spraying, just wait for the mist to dry. Then you can go back to enjoying your yard.

If you’re worried about your small children or pets, have no fear! As long as they are inside while the mosquito fogger is spraying, they can go outside again when the mist is dry. If you have a party planned during the scheduled misting time, just bump the misting back a little bit on its timer and you’ll be set to have a successful event.

Users of the mosquito misting system say that it has completely changed their backyard experience. Imagine being able to throw parties and events in your backyard without worrying that every guest will walk away with bug bites all over them. Especially with the gorgeous weather in Texas, you shouldn’t let good, warm nights slip out of your grasp because you are tired of being bitten by mosquitos. Out mosquito misting system will revolutionize the way you think about your yard and mosquitos.


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